Calgary Spring Cleanup

Calgary Spring Cleanup

Are you seeking spring cleanup in Calgary? For the upcoming spring season, Viking Landscaping will be providing cleanup services for residential and commercial properties. After the winter months, cleaning can be a daunting task and lots of debris and trash is now revealed after the snow melts. At Viking Landscaping it is our job to ensure your property looks clean, appealing and well maintained. Our highly trained professionals are experts at landscaping and provide the highest quality services to ensure you are left satisfied.

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Spring Cleanup Calgary!

The clean-up of your lawn is very important because it improves the overall look and health of your property. Our spring clean-up services will maintain a fresh appearance in your yard and property by improving the soil quality and watering efficiency. If you want to know more about our spring clean-up service in Calgary contact us today at Viking Landscaping for a free consultation.

What services do we provide?

Viking landscaping will be responsible for providing any trimming, litter removal and lawn maintenance needed to ensure proper care. Not only are our professionals experienced in all types of lawn care and maintenance, but removing leaves from your property will allow grass to grow along with an improved well maintained appearance.

We provide free estimates so you can rest assured that we have done a proper job before starting any work on the job site. Our goal is to make sure our customers receive exceptional service at affordable rates. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, Viking Landscaping is able to provide professional service for all of your landscaping needs. Nothing makes people happier than keeping their property well maintained as it can impact the overall aesthetics of where they live.

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Why is it important to have a spring clean-up in your community?

A spring clean-up is an important way to help your community stay healthy and look its best. By participating in a spring clean-up, you can help remove litter and other debris from public areas. This will help improve the aesthetics of your community and make it more welcoming for visitors.

You can also participate in a spring clean-up to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean. By doing this, you can encourage others to take action and help preserve our planet for future generations.

Why Choose Viking Landscaping?

We have years of experience providing many satisfied clients with the services they want and need. Our services are done by expert professionals who are trained in providing the best landscaping and clean-up services at competitive rates. Viking Landscaping’s mission is to provide the best lawn care, landscape and property design services available today. We are committed to providing exceptional service and look forward to hearing from you!

How can you contact us?

You can either call us in Calgary at (403) 830-3543 or email us at

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    Winnipeg Spring Clean Up

    As we are approaching the spring season we at Viking Landscaping are offering spring clean-up options in Winnipeg. Spring demands are plenty as the winter months create conditions that require proper cleanup and care. Our spring cleanup in Winnipeg consists of providing many options as yards and soils are typically left needing to be cared for. If you’re seeking proper and skilled spring clean-up in Winnipeg during this period you can contact us as we are available to help.

    Spring Cleaning Services for Winnipeg

    Our services include lawn maintenance every week, weeds are controlled, trimming is done, spring and fall cleanups are done, and litter is removed. Commercial and residential properties can benefit from our seasonal maintenance services. As you may notice the mess from the winter months leaves a lot more work requiring you to take care of. Our services ensure this will be taken care of appropriately and timely.

    • Trimming, Mowing and Lawn maintenance is an important task during spring to ensure your grass is controlled and weeds are expelled. Good lawn care is hard to come by but at Viking Landscaping we ensure your lawn is visually appealing and healthy. We offer weekly services to consistently ensure your land is properly taken care of.
    • Cleanup during the spring season can be a difficult job as the winter leaves much debris and garbage the snow usually covers. We provide cleanup for your land and make sure the mess is out of your hands and your yard.
    • Our services are also provided to you either in residential or commercial properties. We have the necessary tools and skillset to provide you services in both small and large areas.

    Why Choose Viking Landscaping?

    Our lawn services and spring clean-up are affordable and affordable is important. You can come to us because we have trusted, reliable employees and long-term relationships with our customers. More importantly, we have a specialized team of professionals who can handle all of your spring needs

    Our design services and landscaping expertise is a great plus too, as this will take your home from drab to elegantly fabulous

    Our company is also highly skilled and ensures the work is done effectively and leaving you satisfied. For more information about our Winnipeg spring clean-up options contact us today for a free estimate! Call us in Winnipeg at (204) 990-5774!

    Winnipeg spring clean up

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