Ponds, Waterfalls and Rock Gardens Landscaping Services

Ponds and waterfalls can remake an ordinary landscape into a backyard sanctuary or welcoming curbside.  Water features allow for unique gardening opportunities as aquatic plants can be introduced and thrive in your landscape.  Birds are also highly attracted to moving water adding further enjoyment to your perfect oasis.  Ponds, waterfalls, streams and other water features like bubble rocks can be stand-alone yard accents or combined in a variety of ways to create your customized private water retreat.

The right pond design is surprisingly self-sustaining and well worth the small maintenance efforts needed to ensure a healthy and beautiful ecosystem.  For even less upkeep, pondless waterfalls require no filtration system and are a great option for anyone concerned with space and time considerations.  They also allow a safe cooling-off zone for pets and children on those hot summer days.

Rock Gardens can add contrast and beauty to nearby water elements or add distinct and creative elements to your landscape on their own.  One of the most appealing features of rock gardens is that they are low maintenance and can house plants that need very little watering.  With an endless variety of rock colours, shapes and sizes, rock gardens have no limits on creating eye-catching points of interest in your landscape.

Leave the Design, function and installation to our expert team to transform your landscape into an inspired destination for your family and guests to delight in.

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