Winnipeg Spring Clean Up

As we are approaching the spring season we at Viking Landscaping are offering spring clean-up options in Winnipeg. Spring demands are plenty as the winter months create conditions that require proper cleanup and care. Our spring cleanup in Winnipeg consists of providing many options as yards and soils are typically left needing to be cared for. If you’re seeking proper and skilled spring clean-up in Winnipeg during this period you can contact us as we are available to help.

Spring Cleaning Services for Winnipeg

Our services include lawn maintenance every week, weeds are controlled, trimming is done, spring and fall cleanups are done, and litter is removed. Commercial and residential properties can benefit from our seasonal maintenance services. As you may notice the mess from the winter months leaves a lot more work requiring you to take care of. Our services ensure this will be taken care of appropriately and timely.

  • Trimming, Mowing and Lawn maintenance is an important task during spring to ensure your grass is controlled and weeds are expelled. Good lawn care is hard to come by but at Viking Landscaping we ensure your lawn is visually appealing and healthy. We offer weekly services to consistently ensure your land is properly taken care of.
  • Cleanup during the spring season can be a difficult job as the winter leaves much debris and garbage the snow usually covers. We provide cleanup for your land and make sure the mess is out of your hands and your yard.
  • Our services are also provided to you either in residential or commercial properties. We have the necessary tools and skillset to provide you services in both small and large areas.

Why Choose Viking Landscaping?

Our lawn services and spring clean-up are affordable and affordable is important. You can come to us because we have trusted, reliable employees and long-term relationships with our customers. More importantly, we have a specialized team of professionals who can handle all of your spring needs

Our design services and landscaping expertise is a great plus too, as this will take your home from drab to elegantly fabulous

Our company is also highly skilled and ensures the work is done effectively and leaving you satisfied. For more information about our Winnipeg spring clean-up options contact us today for a free estimate! Call us in Winnipeg at (204) 990-5774!

Winnipeg spring clean up

5 ways to spring clean your yard

With the spring season upon us in Winnipeg and Calgary, it is common to think ahead about spending more time outdoors. Using your backyard whether it be for entertaining, barbecuing, or to just simply relax in the sun you want your yard to look great for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. A bit of extra landscaping work as the weather begins to warm up and the snow melts can help prevent weed growth, improve soil conditions, and help your plants grow at the start. Viking Landscaping Inc. can provide you with all your spring cleaning needs in Winnipeg and Calgary.

Ensure your yard is cleaned thoroughly

When cleaning your yard, you want to remove as much debris that collected during the winter. This can include removing dead grass, fallen leaves, branches, and other debris that may have been left behind. During this time, it is important to thoroughly rake your lawn and clean out any of your plant beds or garden by removing dead plants and debris. By eliminating debris, you can help improve airflow and sun exposure, while also helping prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that can harm your plants as well as prevent insects from invading your space.

rock gardensApply fertilizers and pre-emergents

Having a professional landscaping company like Viking Landscaping Inc. apply pre-emergent to help prevent the growth of weeds makes them easier to control over the summer. Using pre-emergents helps prevent the growth of weeds from germinating in your lawn while also providing important nutrients to your grass to help it grow at the start of spring. If you notice crabgrass or broadleaf weeds, then spot treatment can help get rid of these weeds.

Lawn aeration

If you are planning on using pre-emergents on your lawn, then you should aerate first. Viking Landscaping Inc. can answer any questions you have on the steps to ensure your lawn is healthy. Over time your soil will begin to compact naturally. This makes it hard for the soil to absorb air and moisture which makes it difficult for new grasses to root properly. Aerating the soil causes it to loosen up which leads to better soil access and water absorption. Core aeration is better than spike aeration as it removes a small plug of soil rather than distributing the soil.

Trim and prune plants

Trimming and pruning your plants in the spring is great as it encourages new and healthy growth and eliminates old growth. Depending on the plant type, removing damaged sections, cutting off certain areas or the entire top can help with plant growth. On trees and shrubs make any hard cutbacks that are necessary and prune trees and branches to help encourage new growth.

It is important not to go overboard when pruning trees.  Fresh cuts can attract insects and disease in warmer weather. It is important to remember pruning guidelines are dependant o the type of tree or shrub as well as the local climate. If you are unsure of how to properly prune your trees and shrubs, then the best thing you can do is contact a professional landscaping company like Viking landscaping inc. as we can answer any questions and prune your trees and shrubs professionally.

Plant and mulch

Test the soil conditions, add whatever nutrients are necessary, and plant any new plants or trees that need spring planting. Add as much compost as needed and ensure to mulch to protect new plants. If you notice bare spots in your lawn you should seed them. However, if you are using pre-emergents then you should not seed. If you are unsure about anything Viking Landscaping Inc. can answer any landscaping questions you have.

Contact Viking Landscaping Inc.

Viking Landscaping Inc. can provide all your landscaping needs in Winnipeg and Calgary. We provide services from basic lawn care and maintenance to creating full custom landscaping projects. Contact us today to book for the 2021 spring season.

Why You Should Choose Viking Landscaping Inc.

As the new year approaches you might start to consider or plan what work you would like to complete for your home in the new year. In the months ahead as we move towards the start of spring you may consider it time to do some landscaping work on your residential or commercial properties. Choosing the right landscaping company for your landscaping work is an important decision and one you should not take lightly. When you choose Viking Landscaping Inc. for your landscaping work in Calgary or Winnipeg, you are choosing a company that takes pride in the work we provide our clients. You can expect us to always be honest and upfront with our clients while providing landscaping work that will enhance the look of their property.

Our employees are the best of the best and are highly skilled in their craft. Our landscape designers and skilled stonemasons have been designing incomparable landscaping products that either meet or exceed our client’s requirements. We are extremely proud of our work and this is visible with the quality of work we provide along with our great service. We are a family run business with over a decade of landscaping experience and have built a longstanding reputation in the areas we serve for building great relationships and quality assurance.

Residential Landscaping Services

Viking Landscaping Inc. provides a variety of residential landscaping services in Calgary and Winnipeg. We take the ideas our clients come up with for their property and make them into a reality. We specialize in all aspects of landscaping from creating custom stone patios, installing irrigation systems in your lawn, adding new trees and shrubs to your property, and more. What we are trying to say is if it belongs in your yard then we can do it. A perfect example of our residential landscaping work is the Mahogany Island Project we completed for a client in Calgary. This project really tested us and showed what we are capable of as a landscaping company. With a lot of moving parts, we had to always stay on top of our game and worked with the client consistently throughout the projects as things changed. Upon completion, the client was ecstatic with the results and we were very proud of the custom landscaping work we were able to provide. Many of our clients return to us every season to continue working on their yards.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Along with providing residential landscaping services, Viking Landscaping Inc is proud to offer commercial landscaping services in Calgary and Winnipeg. We provide the same services to commercial properties that we do with residential properties. Along with the landscaping services we offer season maintenance services. Routine maintenance is important especially on commercial properties to ensure it is always looking it is best. With our maintenance services, we provide weekly grass cutting, flower and shrub bed care, weed and pest control, fertilizer treatments, and spring and fall cleanups. Ensuring your commercial property looks its best is important especially if customers visit your building as you want their first impression of your business to be a positive one.

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Contact Viking Landscaping Inc. today for your residential and commercial landscaping needs in Calgary and Winnipeg. When you choose us expect no unwanted surprises and for us to show up on the start date on time and ready to work. We take pride in completing jobs on time and do not cut any corners and provide the highest quality of work. We offer a three-year stone warranty which is more than anyone else in the industry. We also provide our clients with an extended plant warranty available on all trees and shrubs. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in choosing Viking Landscaping Inc.

Harvest Manitoba

Why Viking Landscaping Inc chose Harvest Manitoba

It has been a longstanding local charity that helps feed less fortunate people throughout Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba. They do great work in the community helping families and individuals in need to stay warm and fed. Food should not be something any person or family should be concerned about having to find on a daily basis and a great place like Harvest ensures it isn’t a struggle.

harvest Manitoba donation

Hiring a Snow Removal Company

The winter season will soon be upon us and you may be considering hiring a snow removal company for your residential or commercial properties. We understand Canadians may be dreading the fact that they will have to shovel their driveway and sidewalk. Snow removal for some can be an unwelcome chore and even a health risk for some people. If it takes you a long time to remove snow from critical areas of your property or if health issues prevent you from completing the task it may be time to consider hiring a snow removal company.

Residential Snow Removal

The winter months can be tough, but it is part of living in Canada. While city services take care of our roads and major thoroughfares, homeowners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks next to their homes in a certain amount of time. We offer snow removal services in Calgary and Winnipeg and understand our client’s needs as a snow removal company. Our residential snow removal services combined with our shoveling, plowing, and salting of your property will make your winter stress free while keeping you warm. We use a variety of snow removal equipment to keep our client’s properties clear of snow. Our snow removal services start from the first snowfall and finishes once the spring season begins.

Commercial Snow Removal

We understand as a business you will want snow cleared off from your property after a snowfall especially for the safety of your employees and customers. We respond in less than 12 hours after a snowfall and have the machinery to accommodate most commercial sites. Our staff is trained in all aspects of snow removal operations and procedures including health and safety. Managing snow removal for commercial properties can be tough so let Viking Landscaping Inc. take care of it for you. We monitor the weather beforehand and are always ready on days when there is heavy snowfall. Our commercial snow removal services include parking lot clearing, commercial sidewalk snow removal as well as ice melt and sanding services. We offer our commercial snow removal services in Calgary and Winnipeg.

Calgary & Winnipeg Snow Removal Services

When you hire us for your snow removal services you can be assured we will show up on time and ready to work. We provide our clients with a variety of snow removal plans that best fit their needs. Snow removal services can be paid by the hour, the push, or monthly. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition and we visit all sites after completion to make sure we did not miss anything. We operate 24/7 for our snow removal services including being on call for snow removal.

Contact Viking Landscaping Inc.

Contact us today for your residential and commercial snow removal services in Calgary and Winnipeg. We pride ourselves on the work we provide and have reliable staff who are passionate about snow removal. We have a proven track record of great customer service, high quality of work, and timely response which comes from our amazing staff culture. Contact us today to learn more about our snow removal services and snow removal plans.

7 tips to create your dream patio

Backyard patios have increased in popularity over the years and have expanded in functionality. The type of patio you have will determine how often it is used and how well it serves its purpose. If you are considering a backyard patio here are some things to consider whether you are working with a designer or designing, it yourself.


The functionality of your backyard patio is an extremely important factor. Most people want too to use their patio as a place to dine, relax, and garden. When planning the design for your patio it is important to envision how you want to best utilize your patio. There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself in the design process like how often do you see yourself using your patio and what type of aesthetics do you want? Do you want a large patio that you can use for large gatherings or a smaller more intimate setting? Consider what other features you would like to include like a gazebo, grill, or firepit.stone patio and fire pit


Another important decision you will have to make is where you want your patio located in your backyard. Do you want it close or further away from your home? Is having a more intimate space important to you or do you like the idea of a more open concept? Place some chairs where you envision your patio to be. How does it feel to be there, and do you find it to be an enjoyable spot? Another thing to consider is that you might have a better view in some spots of your backyard. Carefully consider where you want your patio located and how you want it to function.

Dining & cooking

Patios are a great place to cook and enjoy dining outdoors. You may consider placing your patio close to your kitchen for easier access to bringing items outside. Consider placing your grill away from your home as you do not want to have any smoke enter. You may also want to include an outside kitchen island. This is perfect to prepare and serve food but can also be used as a place to sit and eat with bar stools.

Outdoor rooms

If you have the space for a larger patio, consider dividing it in individual spaces. You could have a separate area for cooking and preparing food, a dining area, and a fire pit. Having separate outdoor rooms from the main patio area can create a unique space and conversational area. Consider selecting your furniture before sizing the area to ensure you get what you want.

Fire pits

A popular feature of any backyard patio is a fire pit. They are a great place for family and friends to gather in the evenings. Having a fire pit can also make your patio the place where your friends will want to get together and relax. Ideally, you will want to have a wood-burning fire pit over gas for ambiance but gas burning fire pits are easier to use.

patio and firepit


If some areas of your backyard have better views than others you want to take advantage of this. Having a great view can change the feel of your backyard patio. There are other ways to create a great view or visual interest by adding aesthetically pleasing focal points like sculptures or a birdbath in the distance.

Light and shade

Do you want to enjoy the sun when using your patio or sit in the shade? Maybe you would like the option to enjoy both? Consider planting trees, using a shade umbrella, or pergola to give you more options for your patio.

At Viking Landscaping Inc., we can make any feature you want in a backyard patio into a reality. Regardless if you are looking for a larger patio or something small our team always delivers and provides exceptional service. We make sure to leave our customers satisfied with our work and have been in the landscaping business since 2005. Contact us today for a variety of landscaping services.

Landscaping Features that Serve Multiple Purposes

It is common to see multipurpose features throughout homes that include many benefits. They can help maximize space, reduce costs, and minimize the amount of clutter in your home. These same benefits also apply to landscaping. Regardless of the size of your backyard, there are benefits in investing in multipurpose landscape features Consider these landscaping features for your Winnipeg landscaping or Calgary landscaping projects.

terra nova

Outdoor Pergolas

Outdoor pergolas provide protection from the elements whether you are dealing with rain or sunshine. Pergolas provide you with shade during the hot summer days and protect you from rainy days so you can still enjoy the outdoors. Pair your pergola with wraparound curtains on each side for a more private and intimate experience.

In addition to the protection and privacy provided by a pergola, you can add even more landscape features to it.  It can double as greenspace by adding planter baskets that can be hung from the structure, adding even more aesthetic appeal to the pergola, and providing more shade.

Built-In Seating Walls

Built-in seating walls have become a common fixture for backyards with an outdoor fire pit. Built-in seating walls can accommodate more people compared to traditional chairs. This helps create a more seamless flow when you are entertaining guests at your home. Another benefit is there is little work required to maintain seating walls, so you never have to worry about replacing anything like damaged or broken chairs.

While these seats provide a space for guests to sit back and relax, they also provide more benefits besides seating. These landscape features can also be used as a heat reflector or wind barrier. It can help keep your fire pit burning on windy evenings and keep your guest warm as it gets cooler in the evenings.

Vertical Wall Gardens

Just like any garden, vertical wall gardens help breathe life and colour into your backyard. Besides providing an appealing aesthetic they also enable you to maximize your grow space. Their height provides better air circulation to the plants and minimizes damage from pets or wild animals.

You can also use vertical wall gardens as a privacy screen that can block out neighbors or unwanted views, as well as a sound barrier to help reduce noise levels. The result is a beautiful landscape that feels in tune with nature.

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Contact Viking Landscaping today for all your landscaping needs in Calgary and Winnipeg. We provide a variety of custom landscaping services and are confident we can help you achieve your dream backyard. We build long-term relationships with our clients and always work to exceed their expectations. We have over a decade of landscaping experience and always leave our clients satisfied.