Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Viking Landscaping: Calgary’s Premier Patio Experts

Creating a serene, inviting outdoor space is more than just a landscaping project—it’s an investment in your home and quality of life. In Calgary, where the beauty of nature is a part of everyday life, a well-designed patio can serve as the heart of your outdoor living space. Viking Landscaping, Calgary’s leading landscaping company, specializes in transforming your visions into reality. Our expertise in designing and installing patios ensures that your outdoor space not only enhances the beauty and value of your home but also becomes your favorite place to relax and entertain.

Why Choose Viking Landscaping for Your Patio Project in Calgary?

Calgary patiosl

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience serving Calgary and the surrounding areas, Viking Landscaping has built a reputation for excellence in landscaping design and installation. Our team of skilled professionals is passionate about creating outdoor spaces that reflect the unique preferences and needs of each client. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy fire pit area, a sophisticated outdoor dining space, or a simple and elegant seating area, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

At Viking Landscaping, we believe that quality matters. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials for our patio projects. From natural stone to pavers and everything in between, we select materials that not only look beautiful but also withstand the test of time and the Calgary climate. Our attention to detail and superior craftsmanship ensure that your patio is not only stunning but also durable and functional.

Customized Designs

Customized Patios Calgary

We understand that every home and homeowner is unique. That’s why we offer customized patio designs tailored to your specific lifestyle, preferences, and budget. Our design team works closely with you to understand your vision and requirements. We then create a custom design that complements your home’s architecture and landscape, ensuring that your new patio seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Viking Landscaping, your satisfaction is our top priority. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, we ensure clear communication, transparency, and professionalism. We’re committed to completing your patio project on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and create an outdoor space you’ll love for years to come.

Patios Calgary: Enhancing Your Home with Viking Landscaping

Patios Calgary

A patio designed and installed by Viking Landscaping is more than just an addition to your home—it’s a lifestyle enhancement. Whether you’re looking to create a tranquil retreat, a space for entertaining, or simply a place to enjoy the beauty of Calgary’s outdoors, we have the expertise to make it happen. Our patios are designed to be both beautiful and functional, providing you with an outdoor living space that enhances your home and your life.


Transforming your outdoor space with a beautifully designed patio can significantly enhance your home’s appeal and your quality of life. Viking Landscaping is Calgary’s premier choice for patio design and installation. Our combination of expertise, quality materials, customized designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for your next outdoor project. Contact us today to begin transforming your outdoor space into the patio of your dreams.

Calgary Patio


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Patios in Calgary by Viking Landscaping

What services does Viking Landscaping offer for patios in Calgary?

Viking Landscaping specializes in comprehensive patio services in Calgary, including custom patio design, installation, and maintenance. Our services cover a wide range of materials and styles, from natural stone patios to pavers and concrete options, ensuring a personalized outdoor space that suits your taste and budget.

How long does it take to install a patio in Calgary?

The duration of a patio project can vary based on several factors, including the size of the patio, the materials selected, and the complexity of the design. Typically, a patio installation by Viking Landscaping can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We strive to complete projects efficiently while ensuring the highest quality of workmanship.

Can Viking Landscaping help with patio design ideas?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled designers excels in creating customized patio designs that align with your vision and the architectural style of your home. Whether you’re looking for a modern, minimalist patio, a rustic outdoor space, or a classic garden retreat, we can provide you with creative and practical design ideas to enhance your outdoor living area.

Are Viking Landscaping’s patio materials suitable for Calgary’s climate?

Yes, Viking Landscaping uses only high-quality materials that are chosen for their durability and suitability for Calgary’s unique climate. From freeze-thaw resistant pavers to natural stone that withstands the elements, we ensure that your patio remains beautiful and functional through the seasons.

How does Viking Landscaping ensure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Viking Landscaping. We maintain clear and open communication with our clients throughout the project, from the initial consultation to the final walk-through. We are committed to meeting your expectations, completing projects on time and within budget, and providing high-quality workmanship.

What is the cost of installing a patio in Calgary with Viking Landscaping?

The cost of a patio installation varies depending on several factors, including the size of the patio, the materials used, and the design complexity. At Viking Landscaping, we offer competitive pricing and work with you to create a patio solution that fits your budget without compromising on quality.

Does Viking Landscaping provide maintenance services for patios?

Yes, in addition to design and installation services, Viking Landscaping offers maintenance services to keep your patio looking its best. Our maintenance services can include cleaning, sealing, repair, and more, ensuring your patio remains a beautiful and enjoyable part of your outdoor living space for years to come.

How can I get started with my patio project in Calgary?

Getting started is easy! Contact Viking Landscaping today to schedule a consultation. Our team will discuss your needs, preferences, and budget, and begin the process of designing and creating your perfect outdoor space.

Trees and Shrubs Calgary

Experience the lush beauty of trees and shrubs in Calgary, where urban development harmonizes seamlessly with nature’s bounty. Discover how the diverse foliage of trees and shrubs in Calgary enhances the city’s aesthetic appeal and environmental health.

trees and shrubs calgary

Diverse Foliage of Trees Calgary:

Calgary’s diverse climate nurtures an impressive array of trees, contributing to the city’s charm and ecological balance. Iconic species like the American Elm, Manitoba Maple, Green Ash, and Bur Oak grace the landscape, weaving a verdant tapestry across the cityscape. These trees not only enhance visual allure but also play vital roles in maintaining environmental equilibrium.

The American Elm, with its graceful branches and serrated leaves, holds historical significance in Calgary. Despite challenges like Dutch Elm Disease, ongoing efforts ensure the preservation of this iconic tree throughout the city.

A flower garden in the backyard in the summer.

Shrubs and Hedges Calgary:

Complementing the majestic trees, a variety of shrubs and hedges enrich Calgary’s green spaces. Choices like Red Osier Dogwood, High Bush Cranberry, and Arctic Willow add depth and diversity. These shrubs not only offer visual interest but also support local biodiversity by attracting wildlife.

Strategic use of shrubs creates privacy screens and defines property boundaries, promoting resilience to Calgary’s climate fluctuations.

Landscaping Tips for Calgary:

The extensive variety of trees and shrubs in Calgary offers numerous environmental benefits. Trees act as natural air purifiers, while their canopy provides shade, reducing energy consumption for cooling. Additionally, their robust root systems prevent soil erosion, ensuring landscape stability.

Shrubs prevent soil erosion, create microhabitats for wildlife, and enhance ecological balance.

trees calgary

Community Engagement and Trees in Calgary:

Calgary residents actively participate in initiatives to preserve and enhance green spaces. Community groups, environmental organizations, and local agencies collaborate on tree-planting programs, workshops, and maintenance projects, enhancing the city’s beauty and sustainability.

shrubs calgary


As Calgary continues to evolve, the importance of maintaining and expanding its green canopy cannot be overstated. From the elegant American Elm to the charming Red Osier Dogwood, trees and shrubs define Calgary’s identity, promising a vibrant, sustainable future for all. Explore the beauty of trees and shrubs in Calgary today.

FAQs about Trees and Shrubs in Calgary

  1. What types of trees thrive in Calgary’s climate? Calgary’s climate supports a variety of tree species, including the American Elm, Manitoba Maple, Green Ash, and Bur Oak. These trees are well-adapted to Calgary’s diverse weather conditions and contribute to the city’s lush greenery.
  2. How do shrubs and hedges benefit Calgary’s landscapes? Shrubs and hedges in Calgary provide visual interest, support local biodiversity by attracting wildlife, and help prevent soil erosion. They also offer privacy screening and define property boundaries, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  3. What are the environmental benefits of trees and shrubs in Calgary? Trees act as natural air purifiers, absorb pollutants, and release oxygen into the atmosphere, improving air quality. Additionally, their canopy provides shade, reducing energy consumption for cooling. Shrubs contribute to soil stability, prevent erosion, and create microhabitats for wildlife, fostering ecological balance.
  4. How can homeowners incorporate trees and shrubs into their landscaping in Calgary? Homeowners can strategically plant trees and shrubs that are native to Calgary’s climate, ensuring they thrive and require less maintenance. Consulting with local nurseries or landscaping professionals can help select the right species for specific needs and preferences.
  5. What community initiatives exist for tree planting and maintenance in Calgary? Calgary boasts various community groups, environmental organizations, and local government initiatives focused on tree planting, educational workshops, and maintenance projects. Residents can actively participate in these efforts to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of Calgary’s green spaces.
  6. How can I ensure the longevity and health of trees and shrubs in Calgary? Proper care and maintenance, including regular watering, pruning, and fertilizing, are essential for the longevity and health of trees and shrubs in Calgary. It’s also crucial to monitor for signs of disease or pests and address them promptly to prevent spread and damage.
  7. Are there any regulations or permits required for planting trees and shrubs in Calgary? Depending on the location and scope of the planting project, permits may be required from the City of Calgary. It’s advisable to consult with local authorities or visit the city’s website for information on regulations and permit requirements before starting any planting project.

Trees and Shrubs Winnipeg

Discover the Beauty of Trees and Shrubs in Winnipeg: A Natural Harmony

Nestled along the picturesque landscapes of Manitoba, Winnipeg stands as a testament to the thriving coexistence of urban development and nature’s bounty. The lush greenery of trees and shrubs in Winnipeg adds a distinctive charm to the environment, creating a harmonious blend of urban living and natural beauty.

trees and shrubs winnipeg

Diverse Foliage of Trees and Shrubs in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, with its diverse climate, supports an impressive array of trees and shrubs, contributing to the city’s aesthetic appeal and environmental health. Notable species such as the American Elm, Manitoba Maple, Green Ash, and Bur Oak stand tall, their branches weaving a verdant tapestry across the cityscape. These trees and shrubs in Winnipeg not only enhance the visual allure but also serve as vital contributors to the ecological balance.

The American Elm, with its graceful arching branches and serrated leaves, holds historical significance in Winnipeg. Despite challenges like Dutch Elm Disease, dedicated efforts to preserve and reintroduce disease-resistant varieties have maintained the iconic presence of these trees in the city.

Shrubs and Hedges: Enhancing Winnipeg’s Landscape

shrubs and trees winnipeg

Complementing the towering trees, a variety of shrubs and hedges in Winnipeg further enrich the city’s landscape. Popular choices such as the Red Osier Dogwood, High Bush Cranberry, and the Arctic Willow add depth and diversity to Winnipeg’s green spaces. These shrubs in Winnipeg not only offer visual interest but also play a crucial role in supporting local biodiversity by attracting birds and insects.

Strategic use of shrubs in Winnipeg by homeowners creates privacy screens and defines property boundaries. Incorporating native shrubs in landscaping ensures they are well-suited to the local climate, promoting resilience in the face of Winnipeg’s ever-changing weather patterns.

Environmental Benefits of Trees and Shrubs in Winnipeg

trees winnipeg

The extensive variety of trees and shrubs in Winnipeg contributes to numerous environmental benefits. Trees act as natural air purifiers, absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Winnipeg’s tree canopy provides shade, offering relief from the summer heat and reducing energy consumption for cooling in urban areas. The robust root systems of these trees also aid in preventing soil erosion, contributing to the overall stability of Winnipeg’s landscape.

Shrubs in Winnipeg, with their dense foliage, offer additional benefits by preventing soil erosion, particularly in areas with sloping terrain. Their presence contributes to the creation of microhabitats, providing cover and sustenance for local wildlife, and further enhancing the ecological balance in Winnipeg’s green spaces.

Environmental Benefits of Trees and Shrubs Winnipeg:

shrubs winnipeg

The presence of an extensive variety of trees and shrubs Winnipeg contributes to a plethora of environmental benefits. Trees act as natural air purifiers, absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Winnipeg’s tree canopy provides shade, offering relief from the summer heat and reducing energy consumption for cooling in urban areas. The robust root systems of these trees also aid in preventing soil erosion, contributing to the overall stability of Winnipeg’s landscape.

Shrubs Winnipeg, with their dense foliage, offer additional benefits by preventing soil erosion, particularly in areas with sloping terrain. Their presence contributes to the creation of microhabitats, providing cover and sustenance for local wildlife, and further enhancing the ecological balance in Winnipeg’s green spaces.

Community Engagement and Trees Winnipeg:

trees and plants winnipeg

In Winnipeg, a sense of community pride and environmental stewardship is evident through active participation in initiatives aimed at preserving and enhancing the city’s green spaces. Various community groups, environmental organizations, and local government agencies collaborate on tree-planting programs, educational workshops, and maintenance projects. These endeavors not only contribute to the beautification of Winnipeg’s neighborhoods but also underscore the importance of sustaining and expanding the urban forest for the well-being of all residents.


As Winnipeg continues to grow and evolve, the significance of maintaining and expanding the green canopy of trees and shrubs in Winnipeg cannot be overstated. From the towering elegance of the American Elm to the resilient charm of the Red Osier Dogwood, these plants define Winnipeg’s identity, ensuring a vibrant, sustainable future for the city and its inhabitants.

FAQ: Trees and Shrubs in Winnipeg

What types of trees and shrubs are common in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg’s diverse climate supports a wide range of trees and shrubs, including the American Elm, Manitoba Maple, Green Ash, and Bur Oak among trees, and Red Osier Dogwood, High Bush Cranberry, and Arctic Willow among shrubs. These species contribute significantly to the city’s lush greenery and ecological health.

How do trees and shrubs in Winnipeg benefit the environment?

Trees and shrubs in Winnipeg play crucial roles in purifying the air, providing shade, reducing energy consumption, preventing soil erosion, and supporting local wildlife. They enhance the ecological balance, creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for residents.

Can I plant trees and shrubs in Winnipeg? How do I get started?

Yes, you can plant trees and shrubs in Winnipeg. It’s recommended to start by selecting native species well-suited to the local climate. You can seek advice from local nurseries or gardening centers, or participate in community planting initiatives to learn more about the planting process and the best species for your area.

Are there any regulations for planting trees and shrubs in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg has specific guidelines for planting trees and shrubs, especially concerning public spaces or near property lines. It’s important to consult with the City of Winnipeg or your local municipality to understand any regulations or permits required before planting.

How can I contribute to the preservation of trees and shrubs in Winnipeg?

Contributing to the preservation of trees and shrubs in Winnipeg can involve participating in local tree-planting events, supporting environmental organizations, and practicing sustainable gardening at home. Additionally, staying informed about issues like Dutch Elm Disease and advocating for green space preservation are great ways to contribute.

What resources are available for learning more about trees and shrubs in Winnipeg?

For those interested in learning more about trees and shrubs in Winnipeg, resources include local gardening clubs, environmental organizations, the City of Winnipeg’s urban forestry department, and educational institutions offering workshops and courses on horticulture and environmental conservation.

Transform Your Outdoor Oasis with Walkways, Irrigation, Trees, Shrubs, and Paving Stone Patios in Calgary

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space in Calgary, incorporating elements like walkways, irrigation systems, trees, shrubs, and paving stone patios can make a significant impact. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how these landscaping features can transform your property into a stunning and functional oasis.


  1. Walkways Calgary: Navigate Your Outdoor Space with Style


Walkways play a crucial role in connecting different areas of your outdoor space, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. In Calgary, where weather conditions can vary, choosing the right materials for your walkways is essential. Consider durable and slip-resistant options like concrete, natural stone, or interlocking pavers to ensure longevity and safety. Professional installation services can help you design walkways that complement your overall landscaping theme while withstanding the Calgary climate.


  1. Irrigation Calgary: Keep Your Landscape Thriving


Maintaining a lush and green landscape in Calgary can be challenging, especially during dry spells. An efficient irrigation system is the key to keeping your lawn, trees, and shrubs well-hydrated. Smart irrigation solutions, such as drip systems or programmable sprinklers, can help conserve water while ensuring your landscape thrives. Partner with a local landscaping expert in Calgary to design and install a customized irrigation system tailored to your property’s unique needs.


  1. Trees and Shrubs Calgary: Enhance Your Outdoor Ambiance


Calgary’s climate requires careful consideration when selecting trees and shrubs for your landscape. Opt for hardy, native species that can withstand temperature extremes. Evergreen trees like the Lodgepole Pine and shrubs like the Saskatoon Berry are excellent choices for Calgary landscapes. Professional landscapers can assist you in choosing the right plants, ensuring they thrive in the local climate and enhance the overall beauty of your outdoor space.


  1. Paving Stone Patios: Create a Stunning Outdoor Retreat


Paving stone patios are a timeless and elegant addition to any outdoor space. In Calgary, where summers are brief but beautiful, a well-designed patio provides a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings. Choose durable and weather-resistant materials such as natural stone or interlocking pavers to withstand Calgary’s climate. Work with a skilled landscaping team to create a custom patio design that complements your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.




Transforming your outdoor space in Calgary involves careful planning and consideration of the local climate. By incorporating walkways, irrigation systems, native trees and shrubs, and paving stone patios, you can create a landscape that is not only visually stunning but also functional and resilient. For the best results, collaborate with a professional landscaping team in Calgary who can bring your vision to life while ensuring that your outdoor oasis thrives in every season.

Calgary Spring Cleanup

Calgary Spring Cleanup

Are you seeking spring cleanup in Calgary? For the upcoming spring season, Viking Landscaping will be providing cleanup services for residential and commercial properties. After the winter months, cleaning can be a daunting task and lots of debris and trash is now revealed after the snow melts. At Viking Landscaping it is our job to ensure your property looks clean, appealing and well maintained. Our highly trained professionals are experts at landscaping and provide the highest quality services to ensure you are left satisfied.

Contact Us For A Free QuoteCall (403) 830-3543

Spring Cleanup Calgary!

The clean-up of your lawn is very important because it improves the overall look and health of your property. Our spring clean-up services will maintain a fresh appearance in your yard and property by improving the soil quality and watering efficiency. If you want to know more about our spring clean-up service in Calgary contact us today at Viking Landscaping for a free consultation.

What services do we provide?

Viking landscaping will be responsible for providing any trimming, litter removal and lawn maintenance needed to ensure proper care. Not only are our professionals experienced in all types of lawn care and maintenance, but removing leaves from your property will allow grass to grow along with an improved well maintained appearance.

We provide free estimates so you can rest assured that we have done a proper job before starting any work on the job site. Our goal is to make sure our customers receive exceptional service at affordable rates. Whether you are an individual or a corporation, Viking Landscaping is able to provide professional service for all of your landscaping needs. Nothing makes people happier than keeping their property well maintained as it can impact the overall aesthetics of where they live.

Call today at Viking Landscaping to learn more about our spring clean-up in Calgary!

Why is it important to have a spring clean-up in your community?

A spring clean-up is an important way to help your community stay healthy and look its best. By participating in a spring clean-up, you can help remove litter and other debris from public areas. This will help improve the aesthetics of your community and make it more welcoming for visitors.

You can also participate in a spring clean-up to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean. By doing this, you can encourage others to take action and help preserve our planet for future generations.

Why Choose Viking Landscaping?

We have years of experience providing many satisfied clients with the services they want and need. Our services are done by expert professionals who are trained in providing the best landscaping and clean-up services at competitive rates. Viking Landscaping’s mission is to provide the best lawn care, landscape and property design services available today. We are committed to providing exceptional service and look forward to hearing from you!

How can you contact us?

You can either call us in Calgary at (403) 830-3543 or email us at

We also provide a contact form available here.

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    spring landscaping

    4 Ways to Shape Up Your Landscape For Spring

    Warmer temperatures will soon be around the corner. Ensuring your yard is at its finest will maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors. Early preparations to get your lawn, shrubs, trees, and flower beds cleaned up and fertilized is vital for the growing season ahead. After months in the deep cold, maintenance on your irrigation systems is a must. Now is also the time to start considering both landscape and hardscape improvements. If you are thinking of expanding or adding new plants or elements like patio pavers, sprinkler systems, or water features, we can help you build the spring escape you have been longing to enjoy all winter.

    Here are our top 4 recommendations to enhance your landscape this spring:

    Yard Maintenance

    Even if you are pleased with your current landscape, regular seasonal lawn care and maintenance of shrubs, beds, and trees can transform your yard. It will also save you time, energy, and money in the long run. Proper care will extend the life and beauty of your perennial plants; keep your grass lush and vibrant; and prevent weeds from overtaking lawn and flower gardens. An essential spring maintenance checklist includes:

    • Raking old leaves and removing debris from plant beds and lawn
    • Trimming overgrown grasses along pathways and beds for clean-looking edges
    • Pruning trees and shrubs and checking them for damage or broken branches
    • Determining fertilization needs for lawn, trees, and plant beds
    • Applying pre-emergent weed control solutions
    • Adding fresh mulch to beds is not only aesthetically pleasing but helps with moisture and insulation
    • Inspecting irrigation and sprinkler systems for damage and repairing as necessary

    Irrigation & sprinkler installation

    Many property owners love the look and feel of a well-manicured lawn but also have experienced the investment it takes to keep a yard looking pristine. Dealing with over or under watering; sprinkler timers that go off in the rain; and dragging watering systems around your yard can be time-consuming, wasteful, and frustrating.

    If you are looking for an innovative solution, an underground electronic irrigation system can allow you to spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time maintaining it. We install irrigation systems for both our commercial and residential customers using Hunter Irrigation products which are premium quality, highly

    water efficient, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. Your irrigation system can be programmed to control several different zones and the right products installed to both smaller and extensively large areas. Best of all, our controllers are now all equipped with wifi; you can control your sprinkler system from the comfort of your cottage or from a destination on the other side of the world.

    We are qualified professionals who can expertly design, install and maintain your system. Our irrigation systems are also specially designed to be water efficient and include wireless weather sensors which will shut off the system when mother nature is doing the work for you.

    patio and pathwaysPatios and Pathways

    Stone patios and pathways are an art form and require specialized planning and design to avoid shifting and drainage concerns. When stone patios and paths are done correctly, they can create a spectacular, cohesive look to your landscape. There are abundant design options due to the wide variety of stone materials and colours available. We exclusively use Barkman products as the pigmentation and quality can stand up to any harsh Canadian Prairie weather or heavy use in both private and commercial settings.

    At Viking Landscaping, we understand the technical expertise required to create a lasting stone hardscape from the detail of preparing a pre-compacted screeded laying course to power compacting and sanding.

    Whether you are looking for a roman circle gathering spot for your favorite anorak chair; a flagstone firepit; a winding garden pathway; or a combination, we can make sure the work is done beautifully and built to last. We also specialize in custom decks so you can make the most of every space and enjoy every moment out of doors.

    bubble rock fontainsBubble Rock Fountains & Water Features

    If you are dreaming of an oasis escape, you only need to step outside your door and experience one of our professionally installed water features. Water elements can enhance your landscape dramatically and certain types of water features can also create a cool break from the heat for children and animals.

    Bubble Rocks

    Bubble rock fountains are becoming more and more popular as they are a tranquil and simple way to add a touch of nature to any landscape. We can transform any large rock or boulder into a custom bubble rock fountain to enjoy. This feature can be artfully added to both small and large areas.


    When a pond is designed and installed properly, they create surprisingly self-sustaining and environmentally-friendly ecosystems. Bring nature to your backyard by creating a sanctuary for beautiful insects, birds and frogs, and fish while saving money on lawn care. Water from the pond is also handy to use on indoor plants and outdoor gardens. Ponds once they are initially filled do not require significant top-up; rain or a well-designed rooftop run off can also support low water usage.


    Waterfalls are also an excellent additional feature to incorporate into your pond. Or, if you are looking for a single waterfall element, pondless waterfalls are a breeze to maintain and are perfect for anyone wanting a little extra splash of something special in their yard that requires minimum attention.

    Whether you are looking for a single water feature or a combination of several features, our team has the experience and skill to create any custom oasis. At Viking Landscaping there is no water feature project too large or small for us to design and install to your satisfaction.

    Full Premium Landscaping Services

    Viking Landscaping offers a full range of year-round and seasonal service options. If you are looking for maintenance services like weekly cutting and fertilization or want a custom-built landscape feature, there is no project or service we can’t deliver.

    We take pride in our reputation and have been trusted by homeowners, commercial properties, and municipalities across Winnipeg, Calgary, and Regina for our quality of service and client satisfaction. Our company is built on long-term relationships, the highest quality products, and professional expertise. Contact us for a quote for all your landscape needs or view our gallery to envision what is possible for your next project.

    Winnipeg Spring Clean Up

    As we are approaching the spring season we at Viking Landscaping are offering spring clean-up options in Winnipeg. Spring demands are plenty as the winter months create conditions that require proper cleanup and care. Our spring cleanup in Winnipeg consists of providing many options as yards and soils are typically left needing to be cared for. If you’re seeking proper and skilled spring clean-up in Winnipeg during this period you can contact us as we are available to help.

    Spring Cleaning Services for Winnipeg

    Our services include lawn maintenance every week, weeds are controlled, trimming is done, spring and fall cleanups are done, and litter is removed. Commercial and residential properties can benefit from our seasonal maintenance services. As you may notice the mess from the winter months leaves a lot more work requiring you to take care of. Our services ensure this will be taken care of appropriately and timely.

    • Trimming, Mowing and Lawn maintenance is an important task during spring to ensure your grass is controlled and weeds are expelled. Good lawn care is hard to come by but at Viking Landscaping we ensure your lawn is visually appealing and healthy. We offer weekly services to consistently ensure your land is properly taken care of.
    • Cleanup during the spring season can be a difficult job as the winter leaves much debris and garbage the snow usually covers. We provide cleanup for your land and make sure the mess is out of your hands and your yard.
    • Our services are also provided to you either in residential or commercial properties. We have the necessary tools and skillset to provide you services in both small and large areas.

    Why Choose Viking Landscaping?

    Our lawn services and spring clean-up are affordable and affordable is important. You can come to us because we have trusted, reliable employees and long-term relationships with our customers. More importantly, we have a specialized team of professionals who can handle all of your spring needs

    Our design services and landscaping expertise is a great plus too, as this will take your home from drab to elegantly fabulous

    Our company is also highly skilled and ensures the work is done effectively and leaving you satisfied. For more information about our Winnipeg spring clean-up options contact us today for a free estimate! Call us in Winnipeg at (204) 990-5774!

    Winnipeg spring clean up

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      5 ways to spring clean your yard

      With the spring season upon us in Winnipeg and Calgary, it is common to think ahead about spending more time outdoors. Using your backyard whether it be for entertaining, barbecuing, or to just simply relax in the sun you want your yard to look great for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. A bit of extra landscaping work as the weather begins to warm up and the snow melts can help prevent weed growth, improve soil conditions, and help your plants grow at the start. Viking Landscaping Inc. can provide you with all your spring cleaning needs in Winnipeg and Calgary.

      Ensure your yard is cleaned thoroughly

      When cleaning your yard, you want to remove as much debris that collected during the winter. This can include removing dead grass, fallen leaves, branches, and other debris that may have been left behind. During this time, it is important to thoroughly rake your lawn and clean out any of your plant beds or garden by removing dead plants and debris. By eliminating debris, you can help improve airflow and sun exposure, while also helping prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that can harm your plants as well as prevent insects from invading your space.

      rock gardensApply fertilizers and pre-emergents

      Having a professional landscaping company like Viking Landscaping Inc. apply pre-emergent to help prevent the growth of weeds makes them easier to control over the summer. Using pre-emergents helps prevent the growth of weeds from germinating in your lawn while also providing important nutrients to your grass to help it grow at the start of spring. If you notice crabgrass or broadleaf weeds, then spot treatment can help get rid of these weeds.

      Lawn aeration

      If you are planning on using pre-emergents on your lawn, then you should aerate first. Viking Landscaping Inc. can answer any questions you have on the steps to ensure your lawn is healthy. Over time your soil will begin to compact naturally. This makes it hard for the soil to absorb air and moisture which makes it difficult for new grasses to root properly. Aerating the soil causes it to loosen up which leads to better soil access and water absorption. Core aeration is better than spike aeration as it removes a small plug of soil rather than distributing the soil.

      Trim and prune plants

      Trimming and pruning your plants in the spring is great as it encourages new and healthy growth and eliminates old growth. Depending on the plant type, removing damaged sections, cutting off certain areas or the entire top can help with plant growth. On trees and shrubs make any hard cutbacks that are necessary and prune trees and branches to help encourage new growth.

      It is important not to go overboard when pruning trees.  Fresh cuts can attract insects and disease in warmer weather. It is important to remember pruning guidelines are dependant o the type of tree or shrub as well as the local climate. If you are unsure of how to properly prune your trees and shrubs, then the best thing you can do is contact a professional landscaping company like Viking landscaping inc. as we can answer any questions and prune your trees and shrubs professionally.

      Plant and mulch

      Test the soil conditions, add whatever nutrients are necessary, and plant any new plants or trees that need spring planting. Add as much compost as needed and ensure to mulch to protect new plants. If you notice bare spots in your lawn you should seed them. However, if you are using pre-emergents then you should not seed. If you are unsure about anything Viking Landscaping Inc. can answer any landscaping questions you have.

      Contact Viking Landscaping Inc.

      Viking Landscaping Inc. can provide all your landscaping needs in Winnipeg and Calgary. We provide services from basic lawn care and maintenance to creating full custom landscaping projects. Contact us today to book for the 2021 spring season.

      Why You Should Choose Viking Landscaping Inc.

      As the new year approaches you might start to consider or plan what work you would like to complete for your home in the new year. In the months ahead as we move towards the start of spring you may consider it time to do some landscaping work on your residential or commercial properties. Choosing the right landscaping company for your landscaping work is an important decision and one you should not take lightly. When you choose Viking Landscaping Inc. for your landscaping work in Calgary or Winnipeg, you are choosing a company that takes pride in the work we provide our clients. You can expect us to always be honest and upfront with our clients while providing landscaping work that will enhance the look of their property.

      Our employees are the best of the best and are highly skilled in their craft. Our landscape designers and skilled stonemasons have been designing incomparable landscaping products that either meet or exceed our client’s requirements. We are extremely proud of our work and this is visible with the quality of work we provide along with our great service. We are a family run business with over a decade of landscaping experience and have built a longstanding reputation in the areas we serve for building great relationships and quality assurance.

      Residential Landscaping Services

      Viking Landscaping Inc. provides a variety of residential landscaping services in Calgary and Winnipeg. We take the ideas our clients come up with for their property and make them into a reality. We specialize in all aspects of landscaping from creating custom stone patios, installing irrigation systems in your lawn, adding new trees and shrubs to your property, and more. What we are trying to say is if it belongs in your yard then we can do it. A perfect example of our residential landscaping work is the Mahogany Island Project we completed for a client in Calgary. This project really tested us and showed what we are capable of as a landscaping company. With a lot of moving parts, we had to always stay on top of our game and worked with the client consistently throughout the projects as things changed. Upon completion, the client was ecstatic with the results and we were very proud of the custom landscaping work we were able to provide. Many of our clients return to us every season to continue working on their yards.

      Commercial Landscaping Services

      Along with providing residential landscaping services, Viking Landscaping Inc is proud to offer commercial landscaping services in Calgary and Winnipeg. We provide the same services to commercial properties that we do with residential properties. Along with the landscaping services we offer season maintenance services. Routine maintenance is important especially on commercial properties to ensure it is always looking it is best. With our maintenance services, we provide weekly grass cutting, flower and shrub bed care, weed and pest control, fertilizer treatments, and spring and fall cleanups. Ensuring your commercial property looks its best is important especially if customers visit your building as you want their first impression of your business to be a positive one.

      Contact Us

      Contact Viking Landscaping Inc. today for your residential and commercial landscaping needs in Calgary and Winnipeg. When you choose us expect no unwanted surprises and for us to show up on the start date on time and ready to work. We take pride in completing jobs on time and do not cut any corners and provide the highest quality of work. We offer a three-year stone warranty which is more than anyone else in the industry. We also provide our clients with an extended plant warranty available on all trees and shrubs. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in choosing Viking Landscaping Inc.

      Harvest Manitoba

      Why Viking Landscaping Inc chose Harvest Manitoba

      It has been a longstanding local charity that helps feed less fortunate people throughout Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba. They do great work in the community helping families and individuals in need to stay warm and fed. Food should not be something any person or family should be concerned about having to find on a daily basis and a great place like Harvest ensures it isn’t a struggle.

      harvest Manitoba donation