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Viking Landscaping Inc is a family-owned and operated company. We have been operating as a Calgary landscaping company since 2005 and provide an all-encompassing design and landscaping construction service to our clients. Our landscaping team of accomplished landscape designers and skilled stonemasons will create an exceptional product based on your exact specifications. At Viking Landscaping Inc we are committed to providing our customers with great quality work and equally as great customer service with great pricing. Viking only provides clients with the best residential landscaping in Calgary and commercial landscaping in Calgary.

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sits in the sunny eastern foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet. With great scenery and in some neighborhoods a view of the Rocky Mountains Calgarians enjoy spending time in their backyards. A lot of Calgarians are renovating their yards to create a space of relaxation and enjoyment for their families. At Viking Landscaping Inc we have the expertise to create these yards for families to enjoy.

These are some of the services we provide our customers at Viking Landscaping Inc.

Design expertise and installation of irrigation systems

Irrigation systems are used to artificially provide your land with water. Our systems will help maintain your lawn’s rich green colour and will help maintain anything that you are growing on your property. We can install an automatic irrigation system in different zones that will water each zone at scheduled times or at the same time and place the sprinkler system evenly around your property to distribute the water. Once it starts raining you won’t have to worry about shutting the system off as it comes with an automatic rain sensor. You will have one less thing to worry about knowing your lawn is being taken care of without you having to water it yourself.

Paving stone patios

We have a wide selection of different paving stone designs for you to select. Paving stones are an easy addition to any yard, and laying patio pavers can take about a couple of days to complete. Our landscaping team will lay out the design, setting elevations and excavating where necessary. We will then excavate the area to a minimum depth of 6” and then level and power compact it. Finally, we will lay down the pavers on screeded bedding material.

Trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs form the framework of your landscape. Their beauty, shape, size, foliage, and flowers are important elements of a welcoming and inviting space in which to enjoy. On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain plant health and safety. This pruning type is referred to as cleaning. Lower branches will also require pruning. This process, known as raising, also can be used to increase the amount of light for turfgrass and ground covers beneath the crown of a tree.

Take a look at the landscaping services we provide.

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Landscaping Calgary

At Viking Landscaping Inc., we offer landscaping services in Calgary and surrounding areas. In most cases, properties we work on will not have professional landscaping work done and this gives us and the homeowners an opportunity to work with a clean slate. We offer a full landscaping service which includes a four-way mix of topsoil, laying peat sod, and installing an irrigation system on your property. Our landscaping experts will work with you to make your vision for your lawn a reality and are ready to answer any questions you may have.

We provide custom landscaping solutions to our clients including the full design and construction of their custom landscape. The benefit that comes with us designing and constructing your custom landscape is a smoother project and better collaboration.

Calgary Landscape Design

Entrusting Viking Landscaping Inc. with your landscaping design needs involves an engaging consultation process. Our landscaping team of experts will work with you to incorporate any specifications you may have for your property. We can provide an initial landscape drawing and make any changes to it to achieve your dream landscape. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you and will be there every step of the way.

Calgary Landscape Construction

At Viking Landscaping Inc., we specialize in all facets of landscape construction. We love creating innovative landscaping projects using the most current landscape products available. Our stonework includes patios, walkways, and retaining walls using precast and natural stone products. Our landscape construction also includes building custom decks and fences along with your property. Nothing makes your backyard a great place for relaxation like a custom water feature or a bubbling rock. We pride ourselves on creating custom landscaping solutions for our clients and making the construction process simple. We make sure our landscaping jobs are done right the first time without adding any stress to our clients. Once the project is complete, we will go on a final walk-through with you to ensure you are satisfied with our work and we are confident that you will be.

Viking Landscaping Inc

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Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Calgary

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Mahogany Island Project

The Mahogany Island Project was Viking Landscaping Inc.’s biggest project in Calgary in 2019. This project showed what we are capable of as one of Calgary’s best landscaping companies. As we continued to work on this landscaping project, we were always making changes and adding new features to the property. Working with our client on this project was great and they couldn’t have been happier with our landscaping services.

Visit our landscaping service page to learn more about the full range of landscaping services that we offer.

Stone Patios Calgary

At Viking Landscaping Inc., we offer a wide range of different styles of patios for our clients in Calgary. We provide the best in quality craftsmanship and exclusively use Barkman products for our patio projects. Adding patios, walkways, and firepits can help improve the look and feel of your yard and make it an area of your home to host friends and family and to relax. Our landscaping experts can help you achieve your dream patio goals by laying out the design, setting the proper elevations, and excavating where necessary on your lawn.

Visit our patios page to view all the different styles of patios we built for our clients.

Driveways Calgary

There are many options available to remodel and improve the look of your driveway in Calgary. We can provide our clients with different options for a new stylish and unique design for their driveways and get rid of the old and generic driveways that can be very unappealing to the eye. We use the same preparation method as our patios, but driveways usually require twice the base materials. Like our patios, we only use Barkman products for our driveways that way you know you are getting the best quality materials for your driveway.

Visit our driveways page to view the different driveway designs we have built.

Irrigation & Sprinklers Calgary

Installing an irrigation system in Calgary for your lawn can be done when we do landscaping work. The installation of an irrigation system can lead to many benefits such as saving you time and money. The installation process includes evenly distributing the irrigation system in zones so that all your grass is getting equal amounts of water. You have the option to set up your irrigation system to water different areas of your lawn at specific times or to just do it all at once. Our irrigation system also comes with rain sensors which shut off the system so your lawn will never be given too much water.

Visit our irrigation & sprinklers page to learn more about the benefits of an irrigation system for your lawn.

Viking Landscaping Inc

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Commercial & Residential Landscaping in Calgary

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Retaining Walls Calgary

Viking Landscaping Inc. can build retaining walls for our clients in Calgary to beautify their lawns or to create a more functional green space. Adding an appealing and unique look to your lawn can be accomplished with retaining walls. Our team of landscaping experts can design, and build retaining walls to your specifications and turn a dull and sometimes overlooked area into a visually appealing area to spend time in. We offer a lot of customization options that can be done such as integrating plants and adding stairs within your wall design.

Visit our retaining walls page to view retaining wall designs we have done for our clients.

Bubble Rocks Calgary

Bubble rocks are a distinctive water feature that adds remarkable flare to your Calgary landscape.  Your Viking Landscaping Inc. specialist will work with your selection chosen from a variety of types, styles and sizes to customize the perfect accent piece.  Use bubble rocks to incorporate a natural design, blending in with the surroundings; or a dramatic architectural statement for modern appeal.  Bubble rocks are low maintenance and do not require a pond for operation.  They are equipped with adjustable pumps that allow you to create the right water flow for the ambience you desire.  Spotlighting, embedded in surrounding plants and decorative stone, adds a touch of the spectacular to your bubble rocks so they can be enjoyed day or evening.

Visit our bubble rocks page to learn more about enhancing your landscape with a bubbling rock feature

Water Features Calgary

The allure of a flowing waterfall or a pond habitat teeming with aquatic life adds ambiance and appeal to any landscape.  The right type of water feature can transform a variety of landscape spaces and sizes.  Your Calgary water feature can also be surprisingly easy to maintain when the design and installation are done right.  At Viking Landscaping Inc. we pride ourselves in our work, ensuring your custom pond or pondless waterfall feature comes with the right design and landscape adjustments necessary to make the greatest impression.

Visit our ponds, waterfalls and rock gardens page to learn more about adding value to your landscape with attractive water features and rock gardens

Snow Removal Calgary

Viking Landscaping Inc. is providing snow removal services for residential and commercial properties in the Calgary area. Our team will remove all the snow and ice from your property and make sure it is safe to walk on and not cause any injuries due to a slip or fall. We offer the best snow removal service in Calgary and will make sure to clear all the snow and ice from it. Calgary winters can be very cold so stay warm inside and let us take care of all your snow removal needs.

Visit our snow removal page to learn more about our snow removal service

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