Mahogany Island Project

The Mahogany Island Project was one of Viking Landscaping Inc. bigger projects of summer 2019. This project took a lot of time and effort, but we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The project started with the homeowners contacting us to arrange a meeting where they provided us with a landscape drawing of what they envisioned their new backyard would look like. We took their initial drawing and made substantial changes to it to reflect their dream backyard. Upon presenting them with an initial estimate, we continued to make changes until we reached the cost and design the homeowners were happy with.

With Viking landscaping Inc. no project is too big or too small and the Mahogany Island Projects is proof of that. Construction of the project began in April 2019 and included the installation of a full lighting system, 1500 square feet of concrete, 3000 square feet of patio stones, 500 square face feet of retaining walls and steps, a custom water feature, a custom firepit, irrigation, composite and wooden decks, as well as the addition of over 300 trees and shrubs.

As the project progressed, we were always working with the client and continued to make changes to the overall design. These changes included the addition of a pergola and rose garden, a raised veggie garden, extra lights, shoreline restoration, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

In a project like this, there were so many moving parts during the day that one missed step could have set us back, so we had to be prudent in our decision-making process. With many aspects of the project constantly changing it really tested the boundaries of what Viking Landscaping Inc. is capable of as a full landscaping company.

Upon completion of the project, the client couldn’t have been happier. We will continue to add and tweak portions of the property and update our gallery with new pictures of the changes.

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