Viking Landscaping Inc. began as a family business in 2005 and we offer landscaping services for Winnipeg, Calgary, and Kelowna. Our team is full of accomplished landscape designers and stonemasons who are some of the best in the business. We take pride in knowing that the service we provide to our clients is second to none.

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    Due to the cold winter in Winnipeg many people enjoy the summer months by spending time in their yards. We want you to make the most of these warm months in your yard so contact us today and we can give your yard the makeover it deserves. Now booking large landscaping projects for the summer, Request a quote today


    With a view of the rocky mountains in some areas in the city, Calgarians enjoy spending the summer months in their yards to enjoy the scenery. Our team is ready to create your dream yard for you and to create a space for you to enjoy the warm months of the year with a view. Request a quote today


    The province of Saskatchewan is known for its brutal winters and that’s why residents in Regina try to make the most of their summers. When football season starts that usually means so does your grill. Our team can create your dream patio setup with custom stonework that will leave you along with your family and friends breathless.

    Kelowna & Vernon

    Kelowna and Vernon is known to be very beautiful place. Lots of land and opportunity to become creative. Visit our Kelowna and Vernon landscaping page for more information or Request a quote for your landscape or hardscape project in the Okanagan today.