Careful planning required

Patios and adjoining paths are created using a wide variety of stones referred to as pavers. The initial process involves laying out the design, setting elevations and excavating where necessary. It is very important to create a gentle slope (approx 1″ / 10′) to run water away from structures.After the initial preparation a minimum 6 inch base is leveled and power compacted several times. The pavers are then laid on a screeted bedding material, power compacted and sanded. Most patios require considerable cutting and must have a high quality edging restraint.Patios tend to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing when connected to other yard features by matching paver pathways.

We use Barkman products exclusively for our patio projects. We can install high quality crafted stone patios including flagstone patios, walkways, and firepits for our clients in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Regina.

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