Snow Removal

Viking Landscaping is now providing snow removal services for Calgary, Winnipeg, & Regina. We are providing snow removal service for both commercial & residential properties. Our snow removal team will clear off your entire driveway and sidewalk so you won’t have to worry. We will also make sure to clear off any ice on your driveway and sidewalk too.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Viking Landscaping Inc. offers residential snow removal services in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Regina. We understand your needs when it comes to a snow removal services company. The winter months can be hard and as challenging as it can be, it is part of living in Canada. Let Viking Landscaping make your winter stress free while keeping you warm and clearing your property of snow and ice. Our residential snow removal services combined with our shoveling, plowing, and salting of your property will help you enjoy the winter.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Just because it snows doesn’t mean your business can stop operating. At Viking Landscaping Inc. we understand that as a business you will want the snow cleared right away as your customers and employees need access. We understand that managing snow removal for a commercial property can be tough so let us take care of it for you. We provide commercial snow removal services for all types of commercial properties and will monitor the weather beforehand so we can be prepared for the days when a heavy snowfall happens. We are the best snow removal company in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Regina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any ice melting like adding salt or sand?
We do provide ice melt or sanding services.

When do you start and end your snow removal service?
We start first snowfall and finish once spring melt-up has completed. By day we run 24 hours a day on call for snow removal.

What type of snow removal plan do you offer? Do you have monthly plan options? Pricing options?
Snow removal can be paid by the hour, the push, or monthly. It is all dependant on the are (sidewalks, parking lots, parkades, etc.).

How fast do you respond after a snowfall?
We respond in less than 12 hours.

Are there any other services you provide for snow cleaning
Parking lot clearing(plowing), sidewalk clearing, ice solutions mainly.

Is there a limit to the size of commercial properties you will remove snow for?
No limit, we have the machinery to accommodate most commercial sites

What sets you apart from your competition?
Our attention to detail, we guarantee to get it right the first time without the need for a call or email to ensure a second visit. Upon completion, we pop by all sites to ensure all nooks and crannies have been accounted for.

All our equipment is new, the opportunity for breakdowns is slim to none with all heavy equipment being 2018 or newer. Meaning no early morning calls to let you know we can’t make it. We also pride ourselves in having the same staff that can complete a large scale project in the summer time, doing our winter snow removal. The attention to detail is what makes the difference, we don’t hire temp workers who don’t care what the end result is

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