Bubble Rocks

Viking Landscaping Inc. can add a variety of bubble rock designs to enhance the look of your yard. You can choose any rock or boulder and we can transform them into a beautiful bubble rock fountain. Bubble rock fountains can be used in any type of yard including larger and smaller yards.

Enjoy the gentle flow of water and peacefulness it brings as it comes from the bubble rock. Pumps inside the bubble rock cannot be heard leaving you with a beautiful sound of running water and the surrounding nature. Whether you choose to enjoy the outdoors during the day with the sun rising and a warm cup of coffee or while the sun sets and you’re enjoying your outdoor space with loved ones, bubble rocks can really enhance the look and feel of any outdoor space.

How is a Bubble Rock Feature Installed?

Every bubble rock feature is a one-of-a-kind creation.  Whether a single slab or compilation of rocks, your choice of stone is drilled to allow for hidden plumbing in the natural stone.  This gives the effect of water bubbling up through the rock.

Any sized rock can be used – meaning bubble rocks can beautify both small and large landscape areas.  A basin is excavated to custom fit your rock selection and pond liner laid across the surface of the basin.  The basin is then filled with aqua blocks.  These specially designed chambers, allow the water to fill and cycle through them.  A pump vault is also housed in the basin in an easy to access location making maintenance and water flow adjustment simple.  Viking Landscaping Inc. ensures all the plumbing and electrical work are in place and can make adjustments as needed to correct the flow of water.

The pump vault and aqua blocks are hidden under layers of pebble to give a natural look and other decorative elements like stone, plants, wood and lighting can be added for the perfect final touch.

Whether you envision water flowing through a large landscape area or have a tranquil corner in mind, any sized space can be transformed with the right type of water feature.


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